The bill for the restoration of Big Ben does not stop to climb

La facture de la restauration de Big Ben n’en finit pas de grimper

Damage caused by a bomb of the second world war, asbestos, pollution,… new discoveries have pushed the bill of the restoration of Big Ben, which must give its “splendor” to the iconic tower of london, in work for the past two years.

The cost of the renovation of the tower Elizabeth, which hosts the famous clock tower and its bell, will now reach nearly 80 million pounds sterling (approximately $ 137 million cdn), announced on Thursday the british Parliament.

After you already need an additional 32 million pounds (38 million euros) in 2017, the restore is now in need of nearly 19 million additional pounds, (€22 million).

The restoration is proving “more complex than anticipated”, stressed in a press release Ian to Go, director-general of the House of commons.

Despite these additional costs, which must be approved by the bureaux of the two chambers of the british Parliament, reopening to the public of the tower that peaks at 96 metres is still expected in 2021.

The work consists of repairing the clock face and clock mechanism, cracks in the masonry of the tower and corrosion of the roof, as well as restore the border around the clock to restore it to its original color of the Nineteenth century.

The building’s neo-gothic architect, Augustus Pugin, completed in 1856, has suffered considerably from the ravages of time and look now at 46 cm from the vertical.

In spite of the attempts of the most ardent supporters of Brexit, who wanted to hear it to mark the occasion, Big Ben remained silent on January 31, when the United Kingdom left the european Union.

Instead, an image of the clock was projected on the facade of Downing street, the residence of the Prime ministers, and a recording of the sound of the bell rang.

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