The billionaire, who called Russia the main enemy in the U.S.

Миллиардер, назвавший Россию главным врагом, идет в президенты США

© AFP 2019 / Alain Jocard.The businessman and the 108th mayor of new York Michael Bloomberg. Archive photo
The main political news of the US billionaire Michael Bloomberg has filed documents for participation in the “primaries” (the primaries) of the Democratic party in Alabama. This means that unless there is something unforeseen, then Bloomberg will be one of the main contenders for the right to fight with Donald trump in the presidential elections of the USA in 2020. In case of victory of billionaire mediyschikov (Bloomberg is the founder and co-owner of the eponymous Agency of business information) at the presidential elections, relations between the US and Russia would have incredibly difficult times, in comparison with which even the era of “late Obama” seem a thaw.The reason another oligarch trying to “fit” in the American election campaign, is banal and sad for those who would like to see trump lose in 2020. The Democratic party was a weak set of candidates, and many observers and experts who are sympathetic to opponents of the incumbent President, noted that none of them looks like a worthy rival to political heavyweight is populist in the White house.Relatively moderate in terms of program and pre-election rhetoric, former Vice President of USA Joe Biden is leading in the polls, but his prospects of victory in the democratic primaries — is questionable. If you look at the level of support to other participants in the democratic primaries, the radical left-wing candidates (which the press, sometimes unfairly, calls “socialists”) like Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Kamala Harris, you can count on much greater support from the rank and file party activists, and their overall rating much faster than the rating of moderate Biden. Moreover, the former ex-Vice-President of the USA has a serious image problem: he occasionally speaks clearly and doesn’t understand where the confusing cities and States. It emphasizes his rather advanced age and not the sharpest intellect.It would seem that the supporters of the Democratic party and opponents of the trump should be happy. There are all the chances against right-wing populist trump will fight left-populist candidate from the Democrats, such as Senator Elizabeth Warren, which is very popular among young people, offers free health care and education, as well as a sharp increase in “taxes on the rich” that could win over to her side of the electoral base of the incumbent. The problem is that the slogan “eat the rich!” (“eat the rich!”), which is very popular with the young political activists, does not find support among supporters of the Democratic party to wall street (and the Democrats are traditionally considered the “party of Finance capital”, while Republicans are more “Industrialists, oilmen and farmers”), which can lead to tragic consequences, because without the money of the bankers on wall street to win elections difficult.
In addition, prominent businessmen, starting with bill gates and ending with numerous financiers, has criticized Senator Warren, and some (directly or by hint) threatening not just to deprive the Democratic party of money, but can even trump, as reported by leading financial media America, such as CNBC and the Wall Street Journal.In these circumstances, it becomes obvious that the financial sector needs its own candidate, and former mayor of new York, the owner of the largest financial media world as about 57 billion dollars Michael Bloomberg is perfect for this role. With the massive financing of the election campaign he won’t be a problem, as there will be no problems with the popularity among the middle class. By and large, the whole point of the electoral appeal of Blumberg lies in the desire of a large part of the American electorate somehow to return in 2015, when the US was in a state of “cold civil war of all against all” and thought that the American world hegemony is not threatened. Democrat billionaire, who ruled new York during the “American Golden age”, from 2002 to 2013, is the perfect embodiment of nostalgia on this fine (for the Americans) time.Michael Bloomberg will be a perfect candidate for the part of the us power and the political elite, for whom the struggle with Russia to complete destruction is the meaning of life and the main element of political ideology. After meeting Donald trump with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, the owner of Bloomberg was to such a degree pissed, he personally wrote a column accusing the President of the United States to help “the main enemy of the United States” that is Russia. Here as a possible Democratic candidate describes Russia and the Russian leader: “Unwillingness to acknowledge the reality against Russia, which permeates the Oval office (office of the US President in the White house. — Approx. ed.), led to the summit on Monday in Helsinki, which was a major success for Putin. Authoritarian political leader who annexed the territory from their neighbors, destabilize US allies in Eastern Europe, contributed to war crimes in Syria and intervened in the presidential elections of 2016 in the United States, could be sharing stage with the American President.”
In the same text Bloomberg insisted on the continuation of the sanctions strangling the Russian economy, expressed satisfaction with political and economic instability in our country, as well as hinted at what times in Russia there are economic problems and are “protests”, then “sanctions are working as it should.”It is obvious that even a simple peaceful coexistence with the United States in case of a victory for Bloomberg in the election will represent a certain complexity.Fortunately, the candidate-Russophobia, despite all its advantages, there are problems. They are connected with the voters-Democrats, many of whom do not like billionaires, to a much greater extent than Russia (despite the confidence of many of them is that Russia brought to power trump). CNN points to a high anti-rating Bloomberg among Democrats: “the Poll conducted by CNN/Des Moines Register in March, revealed that Bloomberg was one of the least popular candidates applying for the (role. — Approx. ed.) of the candidate (for the presidency. — Approx. ed.) of the Democrats. The survey showed that only 27 percent of the likely vote in the democratic primaries saw him positively, while 38 percent held an unfavorable opinion.”
In addition to the high anti-rating, Bloomberg has another problem. Even if he succeeds with the help of administrative fraud, forgery and bribery to seize the right to represent Democratic party on presidential elections (as did Clinton, selected the nomination Sanders in 2016) — this is not a victory. A very likely scenario in which a significant part of the most passionate of voters-Democrats just won’t vote for a billionaire who “bought” the party, and even to take revenge on him by voting for trump.However, the ego of Michael Bloomberg will not be affected even in the case of a crushing defeat, because defeat can always be attributed to the machinations of Russian hackers and “agents of the Kremlin”. And the American press will support.Ivan Danilov

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