The Bishkek population showed a collection of coins and banknotes of different years

PHOTO : “Mir24” / Elena Andreeva


The national Bank of Kyrgyzstan has presented to the citizens of Bishkek, a unique collection of coins and banknotes from different eras, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Chinara Sydykova.

The most unusual exhibit – tyiyn-penny in the form of a square from the distant 1990s. the Average generation still remembers these beautiful and uncomfortable notes. Since then, the banknotes has varied in the country four times.

“Pretty ambitious story on how our currency was established in 1993. In the future, it is increasingly developing. It saw three generations,” says a visitor of the exposition of the National Bank of Kyrgyzstan Arthur Umetov.

Interest was aroused and the unique display of ancient coins. They were found on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. Many of the exhibits dates from the period of the Golden age of the silk road.

“This is the coin-knife. It is the oldest discovery on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. She was found on the South-Western territory, on the border of Bishkek. This is a coin of the fourth century before our era,” says archaeologist and numismatist Alexander Kamyshev.

This jamb metal cash bar. It is mentioned in the famous Kyrgyz epic “Manas”. This is the first Chinese silver bars of the song dynasty times. In the nineteenth century, such cash was used, and the Kyrgyz people.

Different weight from 20 grams to two kilograms. And form. For example, in the form of hooves. Today was a rare occasion when people can see it all.

As shown by international competitions, the Kyrgyz currency, the som not only beautiful but also one of the most protected in the world.