The “black list” of the state: named the new banned films

The state Agency of Ukraine for movie built the list of movies banned for showing in Ukraine in 2018.

"Чорний список" від Держкіно: названі нові заборонені фільми

According to the Deputy Chairman of Goskino Sergey Neretina, it includes 139 paintings. They were chosen by a special Commission of the state in accordance with the provisions of the law of Ukraine “On cinematography”, and a List of persons who threaten the national security of Ukraine – the so-called “black list” of the Ministry of culture, which are based on the data of the SBU.

In 2018 this list several times replenished with new names, in particular, and the Russian figures of cinema. Among them – the film Director Nikita Mikhalkov, actors Vladimir Menshov, Alisa Freundlich, Irina Alferova, Aleksandr Bashirov, Leonid Yarmolnik and others, informs Rus.Media.

He called the movies that were in the list of prohibited. Among them modern Russian TV series “the penal battalion”, “bomber”, “Last fight of major Pugacheva” “Agent special purpose 3”, “Come on – don’t be afraid, come out – don’t cry.” As well as full – length films – “the Legend № 17” about the Soviet hockey player Valery Kharlamov, “Night watch” and “Day watch” by Timur Bekmambetov, “Love in big city 2”, “European convoy” and others.

Not been tested the state, and both the Ukrainian season of the detective series “the Sniffer”.

Also in the “black” list was a number of films from the 1990s, including “Nasty” and “heads and tails” George Danelia, “American boy”, “good weather In Deribasovskaya” and “the Child by November”.

2014 for non-compliance of the provisions of the law “On cinematography” the state forbade 778 movies and serials, mainly of Russian production.