The Blackhawks will not change their name

Les Blackhawks ne changeront pas leur nom

While many sports teams are studying the possibility of a name change out of respect for the indigenous communities of North America, the Chicago black hawks have indicated that their name pays homage to a great native american chief.

“The name and logo of the Blackhawks of Chicago recalls an important historical figure, the Black Hawk nation Sac and Fox of Illinois, whose leadership and life have inspired generations of native americans, veterans, and the public,” said the team in a press release on which The Athletic had put the hand on Tuesday.

The organization continued, explaining that she was celebrating the legacy of Black Hawk in promoting the culture, traditions and contributions of native americans and that it provided a platform for dialogue with aboriginal groups.

“While the popularity of the team has grown during the last decade, this platform and our work with these important organizations has also benefited,” said the club of the national hockey League.

The Blackhawks have made it known that they will continue to pay homage to their name and that their commitment was sincere.

In the NFL, the Washington Redskins have shown to consider strongly a change of identity. It is also the case in major league baseball while the Indians of Cleveland have also chosen to study their opportunities, while the Atlanta Braves have declined to address.

“We recognize that there is a thin line between respect and disrespect and we applaud the other teams for their willingness to engage in this conversation”, said the Blackhawks in their press release.

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