The Blue Basket, soon a market analysis for businesses

Le Panier Bleu, bientôt une analyse de marché pour les entreprises

Three weeks after its launch, The Blue Basket continues to grow and has more than 13 000 businesses. Management expects to deploy this week the geo-location and optionally, the registered companies will have access to certain data about their consumers.

On 6 April, the director general of the digital platform, Alain Dumas, had set as a goal to reach the mark of 20 000 quebec businesses by “two or three weeks. I would be disappointed if we didn’t have this figure”, he answered in the Journal.

Despite the delay, the former chairman of the board of directors of the canadian Council of the retail trade ensures that his organization is on the right track. It hopes to reach this cap “over the next few days”.

Mr. Dumas clarified that the manual validation of certain enterprises is that it has led to delays. It is estimated that the recent association between The Blue Basket and the site’s Main Street CloudRaker, which also had the mission of supporting local merchants, should solve this problem.

“It gives us the technology of management of records of dealers. This is going to be a lot easier for us,” says Mr. Dumas, to the effect that there are still thousands of companies waiting for a validation.

The director-general also confirms that some companies have been denied access to the platform with a mission to highlight products from quebec, because they did not meet certain criteria.

In addition, starting this week, with the help of geolocation, consumers will be able to see quickly on a map the shops quebec in the vicinity of their residences.

System data

The direction of the Blue Basket am now also working to put in place systems for récoler data on its website, in particular about the provenance of the consumers. Businesses should have access to this tool “within two to three weeks.

“We would like to be an information provider for traders. Large companies have teams of in-house or they are dealing with companies of surveys for these data. Smaller does not always have access to this information. This could be used a bit like market research permanent,” says Mr. Dumas.

Since a few days, it is also possible to share on social networks listings of merchants who are listed.

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