The blue Hour: the case of Guy Turcotte inspired by Michel D’astous

L’Heure bleue: l’affaire Guy Turcotte inspire Michel D’Astous

Up to what point Thomas will he hurt her child to get revenge on Clara ? This is the question that tortures us throughout the shocking final episode of The blue Hour. The story of revenge parental was inspired by the tragic events that have made the news in Quebec, including the case of Guy Turcotte.

When the authors Michel d’astous and Anne Boyer have started writing The blue Hour five years ago, Guy Turcotte carried his cause by appeal.

“Anne and me, we had spoken a lot about it at the time, recalls Michel d’astous at the other end of the wire. We had chavirés, this story of revenge on the children. There have been others in the news. We wondered why men who feel rejected have the urge to take revenge on their children. ”

Michel d’astous also revealed that the character of Anne-Sophie (Céline Bonnier) is named in honor of the daughter of Guy Turcotte Isabelle and Gaston. “I had never said yet,” says the author.

A bomb that explodes

The family dramas that have rocked the news in recent years have, therefore, inspired this final agonizing centered on the story of Clara Boudrias (Alice Morel-Michaud), and Thomas Provencher (Alex Godbout), the two young parents of Charles, who live separately.

The young man wanted to win back Clara to re-create a solid family unit, when he understands that she rejects him, he trips completely. “He has a father who has educated with funny values,” says Michel d’astous. He does not accept the rejection. It was a bomb that would burst one day or the other. ”

It should be noted the performance to be both fair and intense Alice Morel-Michaud and Alex Godbout, which make us feel the pain of their character. Keep a Kleenex at hand.

Véronique will go to ?

Even if Veronique (Pascale Bussières) decided to go to London with her ex-husband and her daughter, it doesn’t mean that we will not see again the flamboyant character in the next season, on the contrary. Michel d’astous we suggests that his departure is not a done thing. It is a good thing, because Veronica gave a certain force to the soap opera this year.

About Raphaël (Jean-Philippe Perras), we will see how he recovers from this drastic rejection from his mother, but the future stands rather light, argues the author.

Speaking of the next season, or Michel d’astous or VAT did not want to confirm the rumours that he is, the next fall, the last hurrah for the characters of The Hour blue.

The filming was scheduled to begin in may, but like all the other series currently, the production is outstanding.

The final of The blue Hour is broadcast Tuesday evenings at 20 h, in VAT.

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