The BMW i3 will receive an updated battery

BMW i3 получит обновленную батарею

BMW will continue to build its first electric car i3 until 2024.

The Bavarian electric car is not particularly competes with other brands in the segment, offering more affordable alternatives and best assortment, but, as stated in BMW, they can provide this economic justification.

Initially the electric car was equipped with a compact battery of 22 kWh, but in 2016 it has been increased to 33.2 kWh, and then another 10 kWh. currently all models are sold with i3 battery 42,2 kWh that gives the electric vehicle a range of 285 — 310 km in the WLTP cycle.

To improve the competitiveness of the i3, its battery is planned to be upgraded to increase capacity and range. If this happens, i3 improved, according to experts, will debut in late 2020 or early 2021, and will remain unchanged for the next four years, and then in 2024 is likely to be “killed” permanently. At the same time the BMW will be a line of more modern cars, including the 1 Series, the long-awaited i4, iX3 and iNext.

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