The board before an audience at the end of the summer

Le conseil devant public à la fin de l'été

Sign that the déconfinement increases, the City of Lévis announces that the citizens will once again be welcome in person at sessions of the municipal council after the summer period.

Like most cities in Quebec, Lévis has suspended public access to its meetings of council since the beginning of the pandemic. For the past several months, the city council meets in closed session and the meeting was transmitted live online.

However, this situation will be a thing of the past in the fall, after the return of the council, which is holding its last session before the holidays on Monday evening. “The City of Lévis has announced that it will again take place at the meetings of the municipal council in the presence of the citizens at the return of the summer period, starting from Monday 24 August to 18 h”, a-t-we know by way of press release.

On the side of Quebec, it was not possible for the moment to know if a reflection in this sense is also carried out. On Monday, the last session was also held in the capital city and it is always held behind closed doors.

Stoneham also

The Town of Stoneham has not waited until the end of the summer. As of Monday, it will allow its citizens to attend these sessions in person, on certain conditions.

The washing of hands is mandatory, a distance of two metres must be respected between each citizen at the entrance and in the board room. Two persons living at the same address will be exempted from this constraint. The use of the cover face is strongly encouraged by the Municipality.

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