& # 34; Bomb & # 34; the cyclone that attacked the West is moving to the US East and 4 more news that you might have missed Author: Alina Voronina US incident news cyclone

In Idaho and Georgia, people were injured and killed as a result of the shooting. In Oklahoma, a 7-year-old child was bitten by a stray dog. In Texas, three children lived with the remains of their brother in an apartment for a year. Read about these and other news today in the digest of USA.ONE magazine:

& # 34; Bombovy & # 34; the cyclone moves from West to East

A state of emergency has been declared in New York and New Jersey. And also: the opening of a new observation deck on a skyscraper opposite the Grand Central station.

The cyclone that attacked the west coast goes to the East


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Due to the sharp drop in atmospheric pressure, a long and wide plume of precipitation hit the West Coast from the Pacific Ocean, called the “atmospheric river”. On Monday, October 25, California was under siege due to heavy rains and winds. & # 34; Bomb cyclone & # 34; triggered floods, landslides and widespread power outages. The fallen power lines de-energized 100,000 businesses and homes. 50 thousand people were left without light in Washington state, where two people also died as a result of a tree falling on a car in the vicinity of Seattle.

The storm frontline has already passed through most of the middle strip of the United States. The tornado damaged buildings and cut off electricity to communities along the Missouri-Illinois border. On Tuesday, October 26, according to forecasts of meteorologists, heavy rains and winds could interfere with morning traffic in New York. Rainfall of 3 to 5 inches is expected in the near future. The National Weather Service warned of flash floods in southeastern New York and northeastern New Jersey. Stormy weather has been declared in these areas since Monday night.

Shooting at a mall in Idaho and at a student party in Georgia


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On Monday, October 25, at Boise Towne Square on North Milwaukee Street in Boise, Idaho, gunfire killed two people and injured four others, including a police officer. A police officer arrived at the mall after reports of gunfire. A shootout ensued between him and the suspect, in which he was wounded. The gunman was detained. The man who opened the fire acted alone. Nothing is known about his motives. The identities of the victims were not disclosed, as well as the nature of the injuries of the victims.

Earlier, on Saturday, October 23rd, shots were fired at a student party in Fort Valley, Georgia. As a result of the shooting, one person was killed and seven were wounded. The incident took place a few blocks from the State University campus. Affected students are in stable condition. Nothing threatens their lives. It is reported that the deceased was not included in the ranks of the students. In connection with the incident, the university canceled a number of events planned for the day of the alumni meeting. At the moment, the police are trying to establish the identity of the shooter.

& # 34; Came out to play and did not return & # 34 ;: 7-year-old boy in the middle of the street was bitten by a dog


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On October 20, James McNeillis left his home in Keifer, Oklahoma to play in the garden. When the child did not return for dinner, the parents sounded the alarm. At 19:20 local time, they called the police and an ambulance, and 15 minutes later, the boy's father, Michael McNealis, found his body by the side of the road. According to Creek County Sheriff Bret Bowling, the boy's death was caused by numerous animal bites.

Most likely, James was bitten by a stray dog ‚Äč‚Äčthat the family had adopted just a few weeks before the tragedy. The McNeillis spouses say that previously the dog of the mixed breed Scottish Shepherd and Corgi did not show aggression. The boy's parents are confused and in shock.

& # 34; We feel lost and alone without a son. It's just unbearable! We are in great pain without our little boy, & # 34; – they said.

& # 34; Our son was full of light and life. He is still with us. He wanted to change the world and change it, & # 34; – the child's father shared his grief.

The dog is currently in the animal control service. It is not yet known whether she will be put to sleep.

In Texas, three children lived in an apartment with their brother's body


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On Sunday, October 24, a 15-year-old boy from Houston, Texas, called the police and said that he had been living in an apartment for a year with the body of his 9-year-old deceased brother. Together with him, two more brothers, 7 and 10 years old, live in the apartment. All this time the boys were fed by neighbors. Doctors diagnosed them with malnutrition, and a 7-year-old child also had facial fractures.

The children's mother and her boyfriend were summoned for questioning, but on Monday, October 25, the couple were released. No charges have yet been brought against her in the case. It is known that the woman lives separately, a 15-minute drive from the sons' house. She was seen several times by neighbors when she brought food for the children. An older child ran downstairs, grabbed noodles, chips and drinks, and then ran home. The residents of the house have never seen any other children.

According to neighbor Erica Chapman, the 15-year-old did not eat anything from the already cooked. Had to buy him pizza, salad from the store or fruit. The woman believes that he did not say anything about his brothers, because he was afraid of problems with the police. Suspicions crept into the mind of another neighbor Trevor Thompson, when one teenager made a slip in a conversation with him and said not & # 34; I & # 34;, but & # 34; we & # 34;. The man met the boy when he asked to charge his phone. Since then, he has asked him for food, but not homemade, but shop.

& # 34; He took fruit and snacks. When I asked if he liked the pizza, the guy clarified: & # 34; The first pizza we ate? & # 34; – said Trevor.

This made him think that the teenager was not alone in the apartment. The Texas Department of Family Affairs is now in charge of children. The police are awaiting the autopsy results to find out what caused the 9-year-old boy to die. Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said he had never seen anything like it before, although he had been in the profession for many years. The policeman described the incident as & # 34; tragic and terrible & # 34 ;.

New observation deck opened in New York


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New York has one more attraction. The Summer One Vanderbilt Observation Deck has opened between the 91st and 93rd floors of Vanderbilt, opposite Grand Central Station on East 42nd Street. Vanderbilt Tower is the fourth tallest after One World Trade Center, Edge and Empire State Building. Weather permitting, it offers views of all of New York and the surrounding area within a 96-mile radius.

The observation deck is a three-dimensional glass space, including the floor. According to Kenzo Digital's idea, visitors should break away from the usual reality and be carried away into a dream. According to him, his art project called & # 34; Air & # 34; he created as an oasis for New Yorkers, a kind of Central Park in the sky, where you can retire and feel the power of the moment.

& # 34; This is a place of meditation, contemplation and joy, & # 34; – shared Kenzo.

There are two ways to experience the thrill on the observation deck. The first – Levitation – opens doors to glass & # 34; sky boxes & # 34; above Madison Avenue at 1020 feet. The second – Ascent – is similar to the exit to & # 34; outer space & # 34; and is a 1,200-foot elevator lift from the outside of the glass wall. Tickets range from $ 39 (general overview) to $ 83 (Levitation/Ascent included). There is a $ 5 discount for New Yorkers.