The Bombardier family has little invested in the range of aircraft C Series

La famille Bombardier a peu investi dans la gamme d’avions C Series

The Bombardier family has relatively little contributed, financially, to the most ambitious project ever launched by the multinational self-titled : the range of aircraft (C Series, now known under the name of Airbus A220.

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Since 2006, the descendants of Joseph-Armand Bombardier have purchased a one-time action to strengthen the power that gives them control of the company.

Investment of$64 Million

In 2015, the family paid a little over$ 64 Million to acquire 29 million shares at a price of a $ 2.21.

This investment represented less than 6 % of the issuance of shares made by Bombardier in 2015, who has reported$ 1.1 billion.

A year earlier, the builder of the Bomber modern, Laurent Beaudoin, and his wife, Claire Bombardier, had placed$ 150 Million in Cement McInnis.

Remember that in 2016, Québec and the Caisse invested$ 3.3 billion in Bombardier.

The family has not attended the last issuance of shares of Bombardier. It was held in march 2018 and has raised a little over$ 638 Million.

The result : the economic participation of the family in Bombardier has been in decline since at least the year 2000. Its block of shares is currently less than 11.5% of the total, compared with 14% in 2015 and 21 % in 2000.

Fewer actions in 2004

Even in absolute numbers, the block of the Bombardier family is today less important than it was 16 years ago. It currently 279,4 million shares, compared to $ 281.1 million shares in 2004.

“La famille Beaudoin-Bombardier has always behaved in investor patient, unconditional support to the development of the aircraft, C Series as well as other programs, even if it was losing each year of the value on his investment. It has helped keep the decision-making centre of Bombardier in here, ” commented a spokesperson for the company, Olivier Marcil.

The family has kept control of Bombardier through to its shares, multiple voting shares, with 10 votes each.

But since 2015, the descendants of the inventor of the snowmobile does not control Bombardier due to their block history, which provides more than 48.3 percent of all voting rights. They need the shares held by other members of the family, which carried the voting rights of the total of Bombardier to 50.8 %.

The development of the C Series and the jet luxury Global 7500 cost approximately$ 10 billion US) to Bombardier. These projects have largely contributed to the explosion of the debt of Bombardier, which has increased from 4 billion US dollars in 2009 to more than US$ 9 billion today.

As for shareholders of Bombardier, the stock market crash has cost dear to the family, at least on paper. The value of its block of shares is increased from$ 7.3-billion in September 2000 to 411 M$ yesterday.

Involvement of the family in Bombardier

  • 279,4 million shares of class A and class B (11.5% of the total)
  • Value 410,7 M$
  • Voting rights : 48,3 %


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