The book is a trip. Literally!

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Guido Indij, a publisher in argentina, Charlotte Desmousseaux, bookseller, French, and Beate Thill, translator German, at the Salon du livre de Montréal

From his bag, Charlotte Desmousseaux fate of several titles : The devouring of the fairies, to the colleague Catherine Lalonde, of which she has seen criticism in the newspaper World ; The game of music, Stephanie Clermont, and, finally, The diver, Stéphane Larue. The owner of The life ahead, young library in Nantes, in western France, was visibly kiosk Quartanier.


“I have a suitcase full at the hotel,” said she, so we specify that in this first day of the Salon du livre de Montréal, his career of quebec literature is already well underway.


Charlotte Desmousseaux is not a tourist like any other. In his capacity of bookseller, she is in Montreal with a group attracted by Quebec Edition, one of the working committees of the Association nationale des éditeurs de livres (ANEL). She and her nine colleagues, booksellers in Paris, Auxerre, Brussels, Liege, Namur or Geneva, came in the context of an immersion program. A sort of crash course on Quebec literature.


“The idea is to better inform the quebec edition, for they will want to keep in their libraries more books from quebec, said Karine Vachon, a Quebec Edition. The booksellers are of the smugglers, who advise, who share. We want to conquer them, we want to ensure they leave with the beating of the heart. “


For the past five years, the antenna’s export ANEL organizes such trips called ” Rendez-vous “. Appointments publishers, put in place in 2013, were added on this year the Appointment book and the Appointment translators. In all, 28 professionals, active in twelve countries, who participate in them.


Richness of the language


“I’m here for : to discover, transmit, and invite writers,” says Charlotte Desmousseaux. The bookseller of nantes, active since 2013, already had a bit of Québec in the head, in particular, through Eric Plamondon.


For the first time in “America” allows it only to find that the mesh that it had begun to do ” is very small compared to what she discovers on the spot.


“The more we advance, the more you realize the quality and the excitement of the moment “, admits the one that does not exotiser the quebec books in his library. It will simply, ” ray “.


“there really was a resemblance between what happens here and in France, the work on the language, forms which are becoming increasingly diverse,” notes Charlotte Desmousseaux.


With titles such as The weight of the snow, Christian Guay-Poliquin, however, it notes that what distinguishes the writing in quebec lies in the skilful mix of fiction and poetry.


“Among you, there is the ability to make very short texts, novels, crossed by a richness of the language, but it seems to be a barrier. With us, it is about something ultra-narrative. There need to be characters in action. The weight of the snow, it is quite static, small pages, which are added to arrive at a form that is very beautiful, what. “


The publisher argentine Guido Indij, him, had had very little contact with the Québec. If he draws a positive balance of his first days here, it ensures that the contracts will come, ” after the trip “. It came in the explorer, led by the young people’s literature, a branch currently in his house La marca editora.


“I discovered books that reflect without doubt what is discussed in the québec society. I’ve seen on the theme of love between children, another on trans issues and a history of cancer that ends well. This one interests me ; I have never seen one like that in Argentina, ” he said.


A bloc québécois in Germany


Among thirty tourists literary figure, a good number of Germans — five editors and three translators. The objective of the Appointment is clear : focusing on the sale of copyright abroad. As in 2020 Canada will be the guest of honour at the mega book fair of Frankfurt, it was natural to seek to seduce the German-speaking world.


“It will be very important that Quebec will be present in Frankfurt. In Germany, we see Canada as a very large territory in the North, it is very cold and it is English-speaking. In the Canada pavilion, there should be a special space for Québec. “


This is not a spokesman for the government of quebec who speaks thus, but Beate Thill, a translator based at Freiburg. The woman of experience, who says he is a specialist of the Francophonie, and accompanied the writer martinican Édouard Glissant for 28 years, insists : she and her two colleagues on the Appointment translators want to change the perception that Germany has in Canada.


“We see ourselves as promoters of Quebec. We form a block, ” she said.


Beate Thill was not about discovering Montreal this week — she was coming, a long time ago, in true tourist. Its relations with the Quebec literary dating back 25 years, she has participated in the translation of an anthology of québécois writers. For the occasion, she was busy text by Daniel Danis, simple texts and marked, she recalls, by the ” weight of words “. “A plate, a fish, a stone. For the translation, it is not easy to find words which have this weight “.


Since, Beate Thill has become the voice of Dany Laferrière in the language of Goethe. A first translated title in 2013 — The enigma of the return is known as Das Rätsel der Rückkehr —, followed by other books including the latest, just released this fall : How to make love to a negro without getting tired, the first installment of Laferrière.


“In Germany, it is very well received. You know, we have a lot of refugees and the issue of racism is very present, with a lot of debates. This book comes at a good time, but, of course, it is appreciated for its literary qualities. “

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