The bookseller Eric Simard bed 90 minutes per day

Le libraire Éric Simard lit 90 minutes par jour

Prior to starting her work day, Éric Simard devotes an hour and a half to read. A routine that he describes as essential since the closure physics of the two branches of the Bookstore in the Square, on Saint-Denis and Outremont.

“I get up earlier to read. It is sacred. It became my refuge, to save me from reality”, has launched the bookseller, in a telephone interview.

Her reading of the moment is the novel When comes the twilight, of the Spanish writer Jaume Cabré.

Éric Simard is the owner, with his partner Jonathan Caquereau, the library, located on the rue Saint-Denis since 2015. A place that was frequented by the poet Gaston Miron and Michel Tremblay.

They then opened a branch on avenue Bernard, Outremont, there are two and a half years.

Alone in her small business on rue Saint-Denis, Éric Simard printing, since the closure of businesses deemed non-essential, to operate a counter of books.

It shows up on the scene around 10 pm and it processes telephone orders and those directed by the site One at a time. He works six days a week, from 10 h to 17 h, while his partner attends, from home, billing.

“It gives me a helping hand, sometimes, when the number of commands is important, or to return books to the branch of Outremont”, he said.

The classics

A full-time employee and two part-time have been temporarily laid off.

“The answer is especially reassuring. It is sure that there is a shortfall. I would be depressed and pissed if there were two orders per day. There is a certain vitality”, he stated.

Eric Simard has all the new features. It also has a good fund of quebec books, of poetry, of theatre and literature, French and international.

“I have a lot of classics, and this is it, at this time, which saves us a lot. I’m glad I invested in this fund. There are titles that people are looking and that we are the only ones to have. I may be in the process of saving my two libraries with it,” said the bookstore owner.

Not even the noise of a river, Hélène Dorion, The trajectory of confetti, Marie-Eve Thuot, and Tatouine, Jean-Christophe Réhel, are part of the best sellers.

“I sold on the side of the classic works of Alexandre Dumas and Victor Hugo. There are also the books of Romain Gary, Philip Roth, Nicholas Giguère, the poetry of Josée Yvon and 4321, the latest Paul Auster, in pocket format, which work very well”, he added.

Éric Simard likes to be confined in its small premises in the rue Saint-Denis.

“I’m embarré all alone in my small room. I’m in my little pace to me. That is particular. This is something that I do not hate them”, he dropped it, laughing.

The suggestions Eric

  • The trajectory of confetti | Marie-Eve Thuot | 2019
  • Man hunt | Sophie Létourneau | 2020
  • Zero twelve | Marie Chouinard | 2019
  • In the forest | Jean Hegland | 1996
  • The invisible wall | Marlen Haushofer | 1963

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