The boss of Marvel speaks after the Infinity War, and what we can expect for Phase 4






The MCU is a machine of war, certainly, but it also has its limits. And the next Avengers will be the real starting point of a profound change began a few time already.

The big difference between the world of comics and cinema, it is that the actors are aging and are nearing the end of their contract. This means that a hero is only there for a given time, at least in one of its incarnations. And after 10 years of good and loyal services, the first generation of Marvel heroes in the cinema will kindly bow out to leave gradually the place to a new band.



It is, in any case, the goal clearly admitted d’Avengers : Infinity War and its sequel, for now without title official, as to collect all this beautiful world in a gigantic adventure to reset the counters to zero. Marvel has always worked, at least in cinema, by Phases, we say that the next two Avengers should put an end to what has been called Phase 3, and there is no doubt that there will be a Phase 4 saw the popularity and constantly renewed by these productions. However, it was surprising that the studio has not yet spoken of what we can expect in the future, knowing that usually he is rather of the kind that we make of the teasing of crazy years in advance.



The boss of Marvel, Kevin Feige, has used an interview with Uproxx to explain why he was silent on this mysterious Phase 4 :

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“We are fully focused on the films that we are working on at the moment, and going up to the Avengers, which still has no title. By doing this, we pursue to its conclusion a arc narrative unprecedented, spread over 22 films and we hope to complete in the best way. What are we going to do from there ?

Of course, there are other things that await us after and, of course, we have ideas on what we want to do. These are all good stories. And as said, the final Star Trek : The Next Generation : “All good things must come to an end.” And what also makes it special is that it has a final quality that runs through the best stories that conclude.

And this is what we wanted to do with the end of our first three phases, and our 22 films. How we will renew ourselves, and where we will go, this will be for another time. It really is here to bring the decade to its conclusion and ensure that it is satisfying and unexpected.”


Or Feige has no idea what they will do next, and expected returns on the latest movies to make his decision, or he knows exactly where he is going and also knows that the future will be dependent upon the success of the next two Avengers, which requires all his attention. That said, you can see the latest productions Marvel as lots of research on the face that will be the MCU in the future, which is expected to highlight the personality of each project rather than a uniform tiresome in the long run. It is in any case what Feige was quick to explain :

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“All future films are produced in order to be different, unique. Thor : Ragnarok , Black Panther, next Avengers, and even Ant-Man and the Wasp, who is nearing the end of its production. These 4 films are quite distinct and special and I am looking forward to the show.”

So it seems that Marvel has learned from his mistakes, and this also explains probably why he is projected more as far as before. Being constantly listening to its audience, and the studio will can be to maintain a cap that will ensure success for the coming decades, while avoiding the pitfalls of formula, which were starting to do too much too feel these last few months.