The boxing in France… how and why?

La boxe en France... comment et pourquoi?

The arènes du Cap d’agde in the south of France, not far from Montpellier and Nice are spectacular. They are circular, and includes bullfights without the killing.

August 28 and 29, a sixty boxers will perform in front of a crowd limited to 5000 spectators in social distancing to mark the first grand gala of professional boxing in France.

I say first gala since by the end of the month of August, there are plans to organize evenings of boxing behind closed doors to enjoy the déconfinement combat sports in France.

Among the approximately sixty of the boxers, the promoter Brahim Asloum discusses already with the team of Eye of the Tiger Management (EOTTM) to tackle a few boxers quebec from the stable of Camille Estephan.

What happened in France is an example of respect and collaboration between the health directorate and the responsible French athletes.

It is light years ahead of the contempt and of the behavior despot of public health of quebec.


“We had to react. We met, boxers, coaches, managers, or promoters competitors to prepare an action policy, explained to me yesterday Mehdi Lafifi. We were forty in all. We have expressed our concerns.

If we waited 2021 for a return to the boxing, it was the death of our sport. “

He is manager and matchmaker and it was known at Quebec, when he came with Karim Achour, who faces David Lemieux in the Centre Videotron.

He continues : “It was realized that the soccer and the other sports had the freedom to start over so they are as dangerous as boxing. Fortunately, our German friends were the first to have the permission to organise fights. The powerful tabloid Bild has organized an evening of boxing on June 5, and we went there. We learned how the Germans operated. The repeat testing, quarantine, safety, prevention. ”

Most of all, they learned that German lawyers had threatened to sue the government that was slow to déconfiner boxing accusing him of ” breach of equality “. The German constitution provides for the protection of equality of opportunity.

In other words, if it is good for the Impact, the CH and all the other sports, it is also good for combat sports if the participants are protected.


I didn’t even have to ask the question, Mehdi Lafifi has addressed himself to the subject : “We are monitoring the situation in Quebec and we don’t understand. As if your government wanted to the death of boxing. One follows the information and nobody can explain “, he said.

“We, I have to say that it happened in the respect and collaboration. We met up with Brahim Asloum, our promoter, the chief of cabinet of the minister. We have explained. We were first allowed to drive without contact outdoors for up to three weeks. And then, seeing that we were serious and cautious, we had three weeks of individual training in the gym. And last Saturday, the minister and the government we have allowed to take over all our
regular activities, ” says Lafifi.

“This is the result of a true work of engagement with the sports minister and the prime minister of the Government. We asked our stars to accept a lower seal to allow their colleagues less known to deliver four, six or eight rounds and earn a bit of money. Times have been very hard for our athletes, ” adds Lafifi.


Lafifi and Brahim Asloum familiar with the Quebec. They came often to Montreal and Quebec, and Asloum and Yvon Michel have worked closely in the record of Christian Me billi before Me billi leaves falling Yvon Michel.

“I’ve kept a very good relationship with Michel and there is nothing to say that we do not find another way to work together,” explained Asloum yesterday.

But for now, it is by Samuel Decarie and Antonin Decarie approaches to develop in order to get boxers from Quebec to the huge gala two nights in Cap d’agde.

Asloum and his associate have explained that France’s borders are still closed to England and the countries of eastern Europe.

Find 60 boxers becomes a daunting task and the arrival of some Quebecers would be more than welcome : “We could even foresee fights at midnight to better serve Québec in the early evening. Especially that Camille Estephan has its own television network with a Punching Grace, ” says Lafifi, who works in close collaboration with Asloum.

About Asloum, the former olympic champion at the Sydney Games in 2000 and world champion of the WBA, its sense of the promotion and its capabilities in business make him the ideal candidate to win the presidency of the federation of French boxing.

But it is an issue for The Team, not for The Newspaper.

The role of leader which he assumed could be held in Quebec by Jean Pascal.

Without a doubt, Horacio Arruda and his right arm, Richard Massé, two good doctors, of course, would be two minutes to listen to it. Maybe three even.

Richard Massé is still the mentor of Horacio Arruda and has a professional background impressive. This is not a two of spades.

Three minutes, it would be already a big progress.

But the contempt…

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