The Braves did not intend to change the name

Les Braves n’auraient pas l’intention de changer de nom

While sports teams like the Washington Redskins and the Indians of Cleveland are evaluating the possibility of changing the name, the Atlanta Braves don’t seem interested to go in this direction.

Having a name which refers to First Nations, the team of Georgia has released a statement in which it stated that it “honors, supports and promotes the native american community” and that “this will never change”.

Never in his missive, the Braves have not discussed a possible reflection on a change of name. However, she explained that she had a deep relationship with the aboriginal peoples.

“The relationship of the Atlanta Braves with the native american community dates back many years and in recent months, we have created an even stronger link with various native american tribes, both at regional or national level, on matters related to the Brave and to the native american culture,” indicated the formation of major league baseball.

“We have also held meetings with our working group on the Indians who will work with us on cultural issues, education and awareness of the community to amplify their voices and show our fans that they are always proud here,” she added.

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