The bravest bully: unknown attacked Schwarzenegger in South Africa



Unknown attacked the famous American actor, bodybuilder and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger during his visit to South Africa. The artist came to Johannesburg on a private tournament on bodybuilding, reports “WORLD 24”.

This attack was not in the style of the movie stars Schwarzenegger. Surreptitiously, in the back, jumping with two feet. Front to the famous bodybuilder bully to come, apparently, did not dare. And the moment chose for himself a good.

The actor chatted with fans, gave autographs, took pictures on the kids ‘ phone. From the unexpected blow threw him to the side, but there were no injuries. After a few minutes of “iron Arnie” has returned to its place. But the attacker overpowered a guard of Schwarzenegger.

The bully was arrested, his motives remain unknown. The actor said that he had taken blow after a careless movement of somebody in the crowd and urged fans not to worry about it.

“Thanks for the concern, but nothing to worry about. I thought that I just came over the crowd, it happens. And the fact that it’s a hit, I realized, like you, only when I watched the video,” wrote Schwarzenegger on Twitter.