The Brazil crosses the cape of the 70 000 people who died of coronavirus

Le Brésil franchit le cap des 70 000 morts du coronavirus

RIO DE JANEIRO | Brazil surpassed the 70 000 died of the coronavirus after you have registered on Friday, 1214 additional deaths during the past 24 hours, announced the ministry of Health.

The largest country in Latin America deplores the total 70 398 dead of the COVID-19 and over 1.8 million of contamination with 45 048 new cases in a single day, according to data that are considered to be largely underestimated by the scientific community.

These figures do not augur a smooth, rapid curve of the pandemic in the country of 212 million people, which records the most cases of contamination and death in the world, behind the United States.

The State of Sao Paulo is by far the most affected, with 17 442 deaths (almost 360 000 confirmed cases), in front of Rio de Janeiro (south-east also), who deplores 11 280 deaths to nearly 130 000 contamination.

This has not prevented these two States from instituting recently a gradual return to normal, with the reopening of cafés, bars, restaurants and shops.

The president Jair Bolsonaro, 65, has himself been caught by the virus. Since the announcement of its contamination Tuesday, it ensures feel “very well” thanks to taking hydroxychloroquine, whose beneficial effects are yet far from having been proven beyond reasonable doubt.

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