The “breathing” of Granby is book

Le «cracheur» de Granby se livre

Even if the déconfinement begins to be addressed by the authorities, the rules of detachment physical, and those that prohibit the gatherings are still in force. Individuals are all the same at their head and the police are still forced to take action against the most recalcitrant. Here are a few examples from the last week of the “covidiots” that caught our attention.

A party to $10,000

There are various festivals in Québec, which ended in the distribution of heavy fines have made headlines lately, but it seems that some people still think alone in the world and in the shelter of the laws.

Seven people who attended a party a week ago in Terrebonne, and who probably did not understand the message the have learned to their cost, harvesting a total bill of more than $ 10 000.

Upon their arrival on the scene, the police have found “loud music” and that ” several persons were present inside.”

This is only the next day morning at around 7: 40 a.m. the police were however able to penetrate to the interior of the home and identify the perpetrators, after having been forced to undertake legal action.

In total, seven adults were sentenced to fines of $ 1000, plus 546 $ of fees, for ” having refused to obey the order not to gather at the inside or the outside under the public health Act “.

According to a compilation by the Newspaper, the forces of order everywhere in Quebec have already given at least 3500 notices of infraction, totaling approximately$ 5 Million.

A “tousseux” also in Ontario

Don’t worry, “covidiot” is not a rare species found only in Quebec. There are also in Canada, the United States and elsewhere in the world.

A Ontario has coughed voluntarily on the money before throwing in the direction of a cashier for 17 years, wishing them to be infected by the COVID-19.

The altercation would have occurred because the man has not respected the instructions of distancing physical is coming too close to the counter to pay for his cigarettes, reports the National Post.

The trade of Markham, Ontario, had tape on the ground showing the correct distance.

“He then told the employee that he hoped that he contracted the COVID-19 and laughed while exiting the store. The money had to be separated from the rest to be disinfected, ” said sergeant Andy Pattenden, a spokesperson for York regional police.

The man in question was arrested and could be charged.

it spits in the face of a customer at the grocery store

After the “tousseur” of Québec and the “morveuse” of the South Shore, it was only a matter of time before a “breathing” does not make its appearance, even if it was far from being necessary.

And it is up to Granby this character is entered in the action.

The police have launched a search this week about an individual who had spit in the face of a client to the grocery store Maxi, last march 22. Aggressive, he would have even tried to take it out on other people.

Man of 34 years ago is finally delivered to the police after the media dissemination of his photo. He has been interviewed by investigators, and then released on a promise to appear in court on 16 July.

The file will now be submitted to the Director of criminal and penal prosecutions, who will decide whether to file criminal charges against the ” eater “.

The man could be charged with assault and threats, police said Granby.

It is expensive to dose…

Eight drug of Sherbrooke have paid very dearly for their last dose : they are not only made to seize their drugs, but have also received fines of more than $ 1000 for failing to comply with the measures of social distancing by visiting their provider.

Four people were also arrested on the spot. The search carried out inside the residential building has led to the seizure of various quantities of cocaine, crack cocaine, cannabis and canadian currency.

The four occupants may be required to respond to a variety of charges in the field of drugs and one of them has received a ticket to 234 $ for insulting a peace officer. 12 people have received a violation of $ 1000, more 296 $ of expenses under the public health Act.

– Maxime Deland, QMI Agency

A guy who does “includes not fast”

Surprised with friends for the second time in four days, a man of 20 years of Saguenay would have had to understand the message when the police served him a first warning, but no, he had to test the system.

“He had already been notified four days ago, he did not understand fast,” said lieutenant Denis Harvey, of the Service de police de Saguenay.

Denunciations of citizens have helped to trap the recalcitrant in a house that was not hers, in the company of other people, in the night from Thursday to Friday.

The individual in question was not as well drawn this time and has received a statement of offence of a little over $ 1500.

As for the other people in the residence, they were able to have a simple warning. Hope that the situation of their friend to serve as their lesson.

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