The bribes paid for the awarding of the world Cup in Qatar and Russia

Des pots-de-vin versés pour l’attribution de la Coupe du monde au Qatar et à la Russie

Leaders of Fifa have received bribes to vote in favor of awarding to Russia and Qatar world Cups 2018 and 2022, according to a paper published Monday by the federal prosecutor in Brooklyn.

If suspicions soar for several years on the terms and conditions of the grant of the two editions of the competition, this is the first time that the justice of a country says that the votes designating Qatar and Russia were marred by irregularities.

Several media outlets have already stated, on the basis of documents or testimony, that officials of Fifa had been paid to choose Qatar in the poll.

According to the indictment released Monday, which indicts three new individuals as well as company, Jack Warner, the former president of Concacaf, the football federation of North America, Central and Caribbean, has received $ 5 million to vote in favour of Russia.

The latter was officially designated on December 2, 2010.

Always according to the public prosecutor of Brooklyn, Richard Donoghue, the payment would have been made through a complex network of front companies.

In addition to Jack Warner, who was, at the time, vice-president of Fifa, the document also cites Rafael Salguero, a former president of the Federation of guatemalan football, and a former member of the Fifa executive committee.

According to the indictment, the officer would have been promised a million dollars in exchange for his support for the Russian bid in the decisive vote.

In the framework of the awarding of the world Cup 2022, the document also states that several leaders have received envelopes to buy their votes.

He quoted the former president of the brazilian Federation of football (CBF) Ricardo Teixeira and the ex-president of the Confederation of south american football (Conmebol) Nicolas Leoz, who died in August 2019.

The services of the federal prosecutor in Brooklyn gives little indication about the origin of these payments.

In the case of Jack Warner, they state however an individual who has made contact, according to the indictment, which described it as “a close adviser of the Fifa president” of the era, namely Sepp Blatter.

The paper quotes an email sent by this individual to the assistant of Jack Warner, confirming the transfer of $ 5 million.

Of inquiries and criminal investigations have been opened in several countries on suspicion of corruption in the awarding of world Cups 2018 and 2022.

Approximately 45 legal and natural persons have been indicted to date by the american justice in the case of so-called Fifagate, which exposed a vast system of corruption, which was undermining especially the federations of the american continent.

To date, 26 defendants have pleaded guilty, as well as 4 individuals. Two other persons, who pleaded not guilty, were convicted after a trial.

Claimed by the american courts, Jack Warner, now 77 years old, and is still located in Trinidad and Tobago.

His appeal against the extradition request by the United States has yet to be examined by the Privy Council, which sits in London, but it constitutes the highest court of law trinitéen.

Jack Warner is also accused of having sold his vote for the award of the 2010 world Cup awarded to South Africa.

He was sentenced in absentia, in 2019, to pay $ 79 million in damages and interest to the Concacaf.

Rafael Salguero was sentenced in December 2018 with a sentence of three years of residency, equivalent to the one he had already done.

This reduced sentence took into account her cooperation in the investigation conducted by the american justice.

About Ricardo Teixeira, it lies in Brazil and so, for the moment, to american authorities.

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