The British conservatives won a majority in Parliament

The party under the leadership of Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already guaranteed himself 337 the Deputy mandates.

Британские консерваторы получили большинство в парламенте

Prime Minister Boris Johnson. © REUTERS/Toby MelvilleЛОНДОН, December 13. /TASS/. In the UK the ruling Conservative party ensured a majority in the House of Commons, the lower house of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. This is evidenced by the results of the ongoing counting of votes at the end of the past December 12 early elections.

The party under the leadership of Prime Minister Boris Johnson already had secured 337 seats. Given the fact that only the House of Commons of 650 seats, which means a simple majority, which will allow the tories to form the agenda without regard to other parties. Currently remain uncounted ballots, with another 40 sites. Estimates of the TV channel Sky News, the conservatives have all the chances to achieve a comfortable majority with the number of seats from 358 to 368.

The opposition labour party suffers a major defeat. At the moment it has only 198 mandates that 54 people less than at the same stage of the counting of the votes at the early elections of 2017. In third place is the Scottish national party (45 seats), her – party “Liberal Democrats” (8 seats), 22 of the mandate of other parties and independent candidates.

During the election campaign, Johnson said his main goal the implementation of Brexit until 31 January 2019. With such a strong majority of conservative British exit from the EU is practically a done deal.

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