The british daily The Guardian will remove up to 180 positions

Le quotidien britannique The Guardian va supprimer jusqu’à 180 postes

The british daily The Guardian said on Wednesday it will cut up to 180 jobs, including 70 positions of journalists, because of the “economic shock” caused by the pandemic of novel coronavirus

This restructuring could affect up to 180 positions – 110 in business services, advertising and marketing and 70 in the drafting “, said the newspaper left on his website.

According to the editor-in-chief Katharine Viner, and Annette Thomas, the executive director of the Guardian Media Group, publisher of the daily, the pandemic has led to the “financial perspectives unsustainable” which should result in a turnover less than 25 million pounds (27.6 million euros) to the budget of the year.

The Guardian is the latest media date to engage in a restructuring because of the pandemic, which has led to a drop in physical sales and advertising revenue.

The BBC had announced in January to remove 450 jobs as part of its restructuring plan, then paused during the outbreak of novel coronavirus.

She confirmed the plan Wednesday and announced that 70 jobs would be cut, due to ” the deterioration of its financial situation “. The 520 job cuts are in addition to the 600 other than the group of public broadcasting was announced in early July in its regional branches.

On 7 July, the group of british press Reach, owner of the tabloid Daily Mirror and Daily Express, had announced the abolition of 12% of its workforce, or about 550 jobs.

Unlike many competitors, The Guardian leaves all of its content freely available on the internet. “Despite the pressure that the coronavirus has exerted on our company, our unique model of relationship with the readers has been proven “, thought Katharine Viner, and Annette Thomas, adding that the pandemic would not alter this strategy.

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