The Briton went to the clinic and unexpectedly gave birth to a child of a different race

Британка обратились в клинику и неожиданно родила ребенка другой расы

A resident of the UK referred to the clinic of infertility in Connecticut and then unexpectedly gave birth to a child of a different race, reports The Daily Beast.

The couple addressed for the first time in the clinic in 2015, as they have had problems with conception. For IVF has been used the husband’s sperm and a donor egg. The procedure was completed successfully in 2016, the woman gave birth to a son. They froze the embryos for future children.

The pair again went to the clinic in 2017. Then was used a frozen embryo that in the first case. In August 2018, a British woman gave birth to a second child.

However, the couple noticed that a newborn baby boy dark pigmentation of the skin. The kid was like no brother, no father.

Was DNA testing, which showed that the second boy is not the biological son of the couple British. The couple filed a lawsuit against the clinic.

“Despite the fact that the child was born healthy and they love him, he is not their biological son,” reads the lawsuit.

Has not yet been set when there was confusion in IVF for a second child, and why the present genetic material is missing from the clinic. The medical establishment argue that the creation of embryos studied different doctors.

Recall that in 2017, the United States was condemned by the fertility specialist, using embryos of the patients own sperm.