The brother of George Floyd called on the UN to “help black Americans”

Le frère de George Floyd appelle l’ONU à « aider les Américains noirs »

The brother of George Floyd has called Wednesday on the UN to “help black Americans” including by considering “the establishment of an independent commission of inquiry” on police violence against African-Americans.

“You have the power to help us get justice,” has launched Philonise Floyd in a video message at the tone was very combative aired at a meeting on racism and the police of the United States convened by the Council of Human rights of the UN in Geneva at the request of the african countries.

“You’ve seen my brother die,” he continued, reflecting on the ordeal of George Floyd, asphyxiated on the 25th of may in Minneapolis by a white policeman, who remained kneeling on his neck for nearly nine minutes, while a bandwidth filming the scene.

“The sad truth is that this is not a unique case “, he continued. “The way my brother was tortured and killed in front of a camera is the way black people are treated by police in America.”

Then, he continued, ” when people have dared to raise the voice, and manifest in the name of my brother “, they were faced with tear gas, firing rubber bullets… ” Many have lost eyes or suffered brain damage “, he assured.

Posing as the guardian of the memory of his brother, he was launched to the member states, ” you are the guardian of your brothers and sisters in America.”

“I ask you to help me, help us, the black Americans “, implored Philonise Floyd. “I hope that you will consider the establishment of an independent commission of inquiry on the black people killed by police in the United States and the violence deployed against peaceful protesters.”

In a draft resolution, the african group had been asked to establish such a commission, but the final version of the text merely asks to ” establish the facts “.

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