The brothers Tkachuk continue to compete at home

Les frères Tkachuk continuent de s’affronter à la maison

Do not usually have the opportunity to compete twice a year in the national hockey League (NHL), the brothers Tkachuk take advantage of the current setpoint of the containment to measure one with the other in all ways possible and imaginable.

Matthew, who plays with the Calgary Flames, and Brady, the Ottawa Senators, have decided to go home to parents Keith and Chantal at St. Louis to be confined, just like their sister, Taryn. They all find ways to entertain themselves.

“I would say that Brady has beaten me more often in basketball in the driveway, started off by saying Matthew, according to the newspaper “the Calgary Sun”. I would say that I am the champion of the house in pickleball. Brady is the best video games in the basement. We played a little Kan-Jam with the frisbee and I would say that I am better than him. And I believe that I’ve been beating on the golf course. We have played a lot of golf and I have always had the advantage. It has improved a lot, but I still have the advantage.

“But really, it is very, very tight throughout, and we are grateful to be together to be able to compete every day.”

The supporters will understand

As all players do at times like these, Matthew has mentioned the possibility of fighting for the rest of the NHL season, currently suspended due to the pandemic of COVID-19, in neutral venues and behind closed doors.

“It is difficult to see, because the supporters are a big part of the matches, he started by saying. But I think this could be interesting because we could hear more things than normally.”

“I see this as training sessions, during which you can hear everything. We could hear the coaches screaming from both sides. I am sure that the supporters could capture things with the microphones. But this is not something that we want to do. We want to play in front of supporters. But if we come back without them, I’m sure they will understand.”

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