The bubble of Toronto

La bulle de Toronto

Starting tomorrow, the 24 training that will take part in the knock-out tournament will move to the city-bubble that was assigned to it. Edmonton for 12 training courses of the Association of the West, and Toronto for the 12 teams of the Association of the Is. On the spot, all the teams will be confined inside a perimeter called the safety zone. Within these areas, players, coaches and support staff will be almost entirely cut off from the outside world. Here are the instructions to which they must comply.

La bulle de Toronto

La bulle de Toronto

La bulle de Toronto


  • The players live in the hotel, single occupancy.
  • Prohibition of walking from one room to another.
  • Each team will have floors that are designated and meeting rooms that will be reserved.
  • The cleaning of the rooms will be done every three days.
  • Restaurants, bars, swimming pool and fitness room (according to a predetermined schedule) of the hotels will be accessible provided that the detachment physics is respected.
  • The spouse and children will be allowed to enter the secure area just after the concluding of association. First they will have to comply with a period of isolation and shall be submitted to screening tests. They will be subjected to the same test protocol as the players and staff members.


  • It will be possible to benefit from the catering service to the rooms, as well as the delivery service of some restaurants nearby as long as it is done without contact. It will also be possible to have access to the restaurants and bars are a designated secure area.
  • A perimeter will be delimited to the outside to allow for walking, exercise and some socialization. However, during the first five days, it will be allowed to interact only with members
    of his team.
  • He will be allowed to leave the secure area for a medical consultation, a birth, a death or any other urgent family reasons. However, in return, he will have to undergo a quarantine of at least four days in his hotel room. During this period, the person shall submit four tests negative.
  • Once in the bubble, the NHL will provide the means of transport. It will be forbidden to move any other way.


  • Each team will be allowed to bring a maximum of 52 persons in the secure area, including a maximum of 31 players and a minimum of 3 coaches. The rest of the group must be composed, at least, two therapists, an equipment manager, a doctor, a massage therapist, a chiropractor or physiotherapist, a content creator (social media), and a security officer.
  • All those who will live in the safe zone will be, every day, tests for the detection of the COVID-19, a temperature-taking and evaluation of symptoms.
  • Will also be tested on a daily basis, the employees of hotels that will host the teams, restaurateurs, servers, drivers, bus and attendants, maintenance of ice rinks and
    the arena, as the security personnel.
  • A positive test will lead to isolation immediately for at least 10 days and a ban from practice before 14 days.
  • Wearing a mask is compulsory from the exit of the hotel room, except to eat, drink, exercise, on the ice and on the bench (coaches).


28 July – to be a tough Game between the Canadian and Maple Leafs (20 h)

1st August – Start of the qualification round

* 10 August – the Second phase of the lottery to determine the holder of the 1st choice

August 11 – Beginning of the 1st round

* 25 August – the Beginning of the 2nd round

* 8 September – the Beginning of the final of association

* 22 September – the Beginning of the Stanley Cup final

* October 4 – deadline to crown the champions of the Stanley Cup

* 9 and 10 October – NHL Draft

Mid-October – Opening of the free agent market

* 17 November – Opening of the camps for the season 2020-2021

* 1 December – Opening of the season 2020-2021

Clash Canadian / Penguins

Match #1
1 August
(20 h)

Match #2
3 August
(20 h)

Match #3
5 August
(20 h)

*Match #4
August 7,
(to be determined)

*Match #5
8 August
(to be determined)

*These dates are subject to change

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