The Bubnovsky’s technique: the immune system enough 15 seconds to be updated

Методика доктора Бубновского: иммунной системе достаточно 15 секунд, чтобы обновиться

During cold season we are especially prone to colds and flu. So, we need to find a natural method by which we can prepare the body and make the immune system stronger. In our article we will talk about one effective scientific development, which can save you from unwanted seasonal illnesses.

The Bubnovsky’s technique

Technique popular Russian physician, Dr. Sergey Bubnovsky, makes dramatically strengthen the body’s immune system, thus protect yourself from the appearance of various health problems including common colds and flu. Follow it very easy – you must daily put my feet in cold water with ice.+

Add to a container of water have the maximum amount of ice. After finishing the preparations, you should immerse feet in the water, and remove them only after ten to fifteen seconds. This procedure should be performed each night before heading to sleep. However, if you have a weak immune system, the immersion can be repeated every four hours.2

How useful the use of this technique

The effectiveness of techniques Bubnovsky was also confirmed by the recent research of the Virginia University (USA). Scientists have discovered that very cold water contributes to the appearance of norepinephrine, an important hormone, responsible for the immunity in our body.+

In addition, the use of very cold water is also helpful:

  • the skin – this therapy tightens pores and top skin, fills the skin with energy and protects against blood clots;
  • muscles – relieves pain in inflamed muscles;
  • hair with cold water helps to close the hair follicles; thus, helps make the hair smooth and shiny from root to tip;
  • in the fight against depression – very cold water improves mood and relieves symptoms of depression, due to the effect of cold on the skin receptors.

If you start doing this healthy routine every day, you will very soon see and feel its amazing effect! So do not delay – it is not required a huge effort, but the results will surprise you!

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