The budget cap in F1: a need, according to Bertrand Godin

Le plafond budgétaire en F1: une nécessité, selon Bertrand Godin

According to Bertrand Godin, the Formula 1 emerges as the winner of the establishment of a budget ceiling as of season 2021.

The F1 is not immune to the financial troubles that hit many industries all over the world because of the pandemic of COVID-19. Thus, the leaders of the premier class of motor sport and the teams agreed to lower it to 145 million US $ in the ceiling that was supposed to be $175 million.

These new constraints will be a wind of fresh air to the small stables in the difficulty, but perhaps also to the lovers of the race, because we can expect to see more parity on the track.

“The Formula 1 was already in a difficult situation, says Godin in an interview recently. We heard of Williams, who has really big problems. But at the same time, the sport has always been a reflection of the society. One is in a situation where it is necessary to rebuild”, he argued.

“So, if it is necessary to reduce costs and return to be more modest in F1, there’s nothing there. In the 1970s, F1 was much more modest, and we had the show anyway. When one faces this kind of challenge, this is where it manages to surpass himself and to find solutions.”

A sharing of passion

In spite of everything, the season 2020, which is due to start on Sunday on the occasion of the Grand Prix of Austria, will continue to be difficult. Indeed, for the moment, all the races scheduled in the calendar will have to be played behind closed doors due to the pandemic.

Thus, the promoters, just like the sport itself, will lose part of their income. Chase Carey, the president of the F1, will have to do everything possible to try to present the most events possible to get a maximum of income distribution.

However, it will be difficult to organize 22 Grands Prix, as planned in the initial schedule.

“They need to make the same number of races, how to pick up the television revenue, argued Godin. Currently, this is the only income that they can count on, because the ticket, it will be closed. This is an extreme situation that I never would have believed that we would live one day. But this is only temporary. It is important to be patient.”

The presentation of the races without followers will be a distraction for the driver, in the opinion of one who has competed in many races support during the Montreal Grand Prix over the years.

“We do not intend to, but you see we encourage and stand up. Last year [in Montreal], I was able to recognize some people at the hairpin,” he remembered.

“After all, the sport of racing, it is a sharing of passion.”

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