The bugs were contemporaries of the dinosaurs

Клопы оказались современниками динозавров

Bedbugs live on Earth much longer than humans, found researchers from the University of Sheffield (UK).

DNA samples showed that these insects were contemporaries of the dinosaurs and existed at least 115 million years ago, according to

Scientists made this interesting discovery in another study, devoted to the breeding of bedbugs.

“What is our life? Game!”Клопы оказались современниками динозавров“World mind games”: the premiere of “the World” for fifteen years, they have collected genetic samples of various types, most of whom dwelt in caves and fed on the blood of bats.

Collecting a certain base, the authors were able to recover the evolution of insects millions of years ago.

It turned out that the bugs are at least 50 million years older than the earliest owners – bats.

They lived in an era when the Earth was wandering tyrannosaurs. It is unknown whose blood they drank, but the view is obviously managed to adapt to the difficult conditions of the Cretaceous period.

Scientists also noted that two species of bed bugs that feed on human blood, characterized by a unique genome.

Using these data, we can develop new and more effective methods of dealing with these parasites.

Earlier it was reported that contemporaries of the dinosaurs could be malarial mosquitoes. The first primitive mosquitoes appeared 200 – 140 million years ago.