The builders closed the rails on the railway side of the Crimean bridge

PHOTO : TASS / Sergei Maligawa


On the Crimean bridge builders have closed the rails are two inscribed parts of the first railway lines “Taman” and “Kerch”. On it, trains will run with the Crimean coast in Krasnodar.

Brigade moved towards each other from two sides of the Kerch Strait. To create a gauge length of 19 kilometers, they put five thousand tons of rails and 38 thousand sleepers. Soon I will make a second railway track.

As stated by the builders, the construction of the railway part of the bridge across the Kerch Strait is a little ahead, despite the intense storms of the winter.

The first train is scheduled to start on the bridge on 9 December. Traffic opened over a year ago. During this time there has gone by five million cars.

Construction of Crimean bridge began in 2016. Its construction will cost nearly 228 billion rubles.

We will remind, the Crimean bridge is the longest in Russia and Europe. Its length is 19 kilometers.