The burning mountain of garbage: the city is covered with smoke from a burning landfill

PHOTO : “the World 24” / Vitaly Zalesskiy


Almaty residents complain about the stench and the smoke in the neighborhood is burning landfill. Worst of all the residents of the village, which is located a few kilometers from the landfill. As the situation assess the environmental and when she will change is learned by the correspondent of “MIR 24” Timur Sandybaev.

Located a kilometer from the point of ignition without a special mask, is almost impossible – the smell is awful. A lot depends on the wind: when it changes, the nearby villages and the city of Almaty covers a dense cloud of smoke and fumes.

The area of the fire – more than a hectare, burning municipal solid waste. The first fetid smoke covered a nearby village, located just a few kilometers from the landfill. Then the smoke and brought to Almaty. Residents immediately reacted on social networks. Wrote that the smell of burnt rubber was urged not to leave the house. The situation is commented and environmentalists.

“The consequences are very negative. When burning waste, always stand out toxic substances. People feel all sorts of signs of suffocation, nausea, vomiting, and so on. Depending on chemical composition,” – said the Chairman of the ecological society Sergei Kuratov.

Rescuers found that to extinguish the landfill water will be covered with fire clay and earth. Used 40 excavator. Experts promise to cope with the fire until the end of the day.

Victims and victims there is no fire, causes of fire are installed.