The bus driver has been rude. And then received a “return”. Karma!

Водитель маршрутки поступил по-хамски. И тут же получил «обратку». Карма!

This happens frequently, and many were witnesses or participants.

Food in the bus. The bus is big, like a bus with two doors.
Weather the that is may: there is a decent rain and the Avenue along the borders flowing streams of water.

I will soon come out, so I stand at the door near the driver. Needless to say, that drivers of minibuses is, for the most part, a very peculiar contingent, with their unique sense of humor.

Водитель маршрутки поступил по-хамски. И тут же получил «обратку». Карма!

Coming to a stop at the curb standing under umbrellas two girls and, a little further, a few potential passengers. Took turns to the cashier:
– Well, that spray?
Turns the wheel to the curb in a water stream. Girls flying a jet of dirty water, and they shriek bounce. These two cattle were taken and the cashier, laughing. Well, so they have a sense of humor! Among the passengers are also a few others like them who pohihikivali.

Bus stops, open both doors – who comes out who comes. Through the back door comes a man from the category of those who can be described in one word: “WARDROBE”. Running through the passenger compartment, cultural pushes towards the passengers, with two hands pulls the driver from behind the steering wheel and kicks him out through the open door.

Водитель маршрутки поступил по-хамски. И тут же получил «обратку». Карма!

Then slowly leaves, lifts from the asphalt main hero of the story and drops it in the running for the road stream. Shakes hands and slowly backing away to wait for his bus.

The reaction of the audience.

1. Those who stood at the bus stop applauding.
2. Among those who rode in the bus are compassionate aunties who say:
– Well, why so! It was possible for human beings! And how can we continue like this we will go! ?

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