The business community wants a forced return of the longshoremen

Le milieu des affaires souhaite un retour forcé des débardeurs

The Trudeau government must act quickly to force the return to work of the longshoremen of the port of Montreal, by general and unlimited strike since Monday morning, estimated the representatives of Quebec inc.

This is the message that the five key representatives of the business community of the province have tried to move Monday during a rare joint press conference, in Montreal.

Michel Leblanc.

“The effects of a strike extended on the economy of Montreal and Quebec will be devastating. […] It is necessary to act now, to impose the arbitration, and require the return to work, ” said Michel Leblanc, president and chief executive officer of the board of trade of metropolitan Montreal (BTMM).

After two weeks of disruptions at the port, the Quebec inc. considers that the strike takes the economy of the province hostage at a time when all efforts should rather concentrate on his recovery. After the CN rail strike, the blockade, the rail and the containment, the timing could not be more ill-chosen for the SMES, argued the president and CEO of Quebec Manufacturers and exporters (MEQ), Véronique Proulx.

Trudeau in reinforcement ?

Together, the Conseil du patronat du Québec, the BTMM, the MINISTÈRE, the Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec (FCCQ) and the canadian Federation of independent business have called for in block the immediate intervention of the government of Justin Trudeau in order to force a return to normal activities in the shortest possible time.

“If the federal government has at heart the economy of Quebec, Ontario and Canada, it should immediately take action with an arbitration process,” said Philippe Noël, director of strategy and economic affairs of the FEDERATION.

Otherwise, it is feared, the strike will have ” disastrous consequences for thousands of companies in Quebec “.

The Journal has tried without success to get the reaction of the federal minister of Labour, Filomena Tassi, and his colleague, Transport, Marc Garneau, who had responded to the call of maritime employers.

The burlesque business

For his part, the representative of the Union for longshoremen, without a collective agreement since December 2018, has described as ” a burlesque “, the last output of the organizations of employers.

“This inability of Quebec inc.-caviar to recognize the right of workers to exercise their legal right to strike has something fascinating, responded to their representative Michel Murray. This is the kind of obsession that calls for admiration. “

“Really,” he continues, ” I don’t know on what planet these people live. These are the same people who, while denying the rights of workers, are not screwed, to claim the minimum wage to $ 15 for Quebec. “

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