The Cabinet assessed the prospects of the relations Ukraine-EU in the new composition of the European Commission

В Кабмине оценили перспективу отношений Украина-ЕС при новом составе Еврокомиссии

A new team of top European officials will officially start work on 1 December 2019.
In the newspaper of the Cabinet of Ministers “Uriadovy courier” commented on the new composition of the European Commission, which for the next 5 years will determine not only the motion vector of the EU, but also will play a key role in supporting Ukraine.

The Commission was headed by 61-year-old German woman, Ursula von der Leyen, and the European Council was headed by 43-year-old Belgian Charles Michel.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in his Twitter account congratulated Leyen on assuming the new post.

A major concern in the Ukrainian government caused the appointment of the European Commissioner for neighbourhood policy and enlargement Hungary Oliver Fargei. As in Kyiv and Budapest can’t come to a compromise on the reform of the education system. It Hungary now sets the tone of the dialogue Ukraine-EU.

Ursula von der Lean as the head of the EC verhei sent the special letter in which he described his expectations for enhancing the EU’s relations with the countries of “Eastern partnership”.

The head of the EC noted that the European Commissioner for neighbourhood policy and enlargement must deepen sectoral cooperation and to accelerate the implementation of the Association agreements with Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova, which most of the participating countries of “Eastern partnership” of progress on the path of European integration.

A separate Layer said that Oliver Fargei should make full use of the opportunities of a support Group of Ukraine, which was formed in the EC of the previous management.

During a speech in the European Parliament, the newly appointed Director Ursula von der Leyen recalled the priorities in the foreign policy towards neighboring countries. Despite the fact that this in particular concerned the Western Balkans, Ukraine may hope that the EU door for us open.

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