The Cabinet changed the rules of quality control of public services

Took effect the procedure of verifying the compliance of the quality of provision of some public services.

Кабмін змінив правила перевірки якості комунальних послуг

The corresponding decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of 27 December 2018 No. 1145 published in official publications: “governmental courier” dated 5 January 2019 – No. 3 and “Official Gazette of Ukraine” dated January 15, 2019, No. 4, informs Rus.Media.

The procedure regulates the issues of quality control of rendering of services in supply of heat energy, hot water, centralized water supply, centralized sewage treatment of household waste in the provision of services in export of household waste, as well as services for the management of the apartment building.

In case of failure, provision in full or of inadequate quality of these utilities, the consumer or Manager of an apartment house (on behalf of the apartment owners in case of acceptance of the relevant decision) has the right to call the executors of utilities to check the quality or quantity of services provided.

The consumer also has the right to apply to the relevant authorized state bodies for protection of violated rights regarding the quality of public services or services for apartment building management.