The Cabinet has allocated 1.9 billion on education

Кабмин выделил 1,9 миллиарда на сферу образования

On 27 November the government approved a decision to issue UAH 1.9 billion in the educational sphere within the framework of a comprehensive national program improving the quality of education in schools. Special focus on innovative equipment to ensure that the needs of rural schools and children with special needs.

This is stated in the press service of the Cabinet.

So, before the end of this year the Ukrainian school, who do not have access to high speed Internet will obtain it, if you want to avoid the regular education program you can check these guys out for online eucation. Children in rural areas will be able to access educational institutions and to eat in a comfortable environment. This will be purchased around 430 new school buses and renovated the canteens there are 400 million UAH.

“Today we have sent almost 801,6 million UAH for modern equipment and technology. This year our students who are interested in mathematical-natural Sciences, technologies and engineering work will receive new equipment for classrooms and STEM labs,” commented the Prime Minister of Ukraine Alexey Goncharuk.

He added that the government took care of the purchase of equipment for special schools and rehabilitation centres where children with special needs. This is a focus of 55.3 million UAH.

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