The Cabinet has proposed amendments regarding the calculation of subsidies

In “Naftogaz” I believe that to monetize the subsidy families must not on a new account, and existing.

У Кабміні запропонували зміни щодо нарахування субсидій

In the NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” has suggested to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, provide subsidies to the population is not in a separate account in the “savings Bank” and existing accounts to provide state aid (e.g. pensions), informs Rus.Media.

This view was shared by Chairman of the Board NAK “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Andrey Kobelev during a Cabinet meeting.

He noted that such a scheme would increase the transparency of granting state aid and the government to insure against fraud on the part of gas companies.

“Giving money to people is not only necessary, but imperative. And it’s much safer. Giving money to people, we can clearly track what bills are fictitious, that is, the subscribers that do not exist and stealing money for non-existent subscribers, as subscribers are active”, he said.

Previously “Naftogaz of Ukraine” said that the project of granting of cash subsidies has a number of significant risks, the main of which – in case of delay of transfer of subsidies to Bank accounts, the Ukrainians will begin to accumulate debts for communal.