The Cabinet has simplified the procedure of customs clearance “probleh”

Instead of environmental certification and customs clearance of cars will be on the registration certificate.

Кабмін спростив процедуру розмитнення "євроблях"

On 13 February, the Cabinet at its meeting has simplified the customs clearance of vehicles on avtonomera. According to the decree (“Issues of customs clearance and registration of vehicles imported into the customs territory of Ukraine”), instead of the environmental certificate of registration of the vehicle, it is possible to produce either a certificate of compliance, or technical passport, informs Rus.Media.

Thus officials want to expedite the customs clearance of cars on foreign registration.

Before the end of the grace period clearance “probleh” only a little more than a week. From 22 February to customs clearance will have to pay in full, and starting from may 22 owners probleh will begin rigidly to fine for tax evasion.

From 22 November to 11 February 2019, the drivers had time to put on the record of 92.7 thousand vehicles of foreign registration which was imported into the country from 1 January 2017. The total budget revenues from customs clearance of these machines amount to 5.8 billion UAH. Of them:

  • UAH 0,5 bn. – duties;
  • UAH 1.7 billion. – VAT;
  • 2.9 billion UAH. – excise tax;
  • UAH 0.7 billion. “voluntary” contribution, which have to pay everyone to clear the car at a discounted procedure (to release them from administrative liability for violation of customs regulations).

All customs payments are made to the Pension Fund. Recall, after the adoption of temporary rules for preferential customs clearance bropleh, the Ministry of Finance planned to attract in the budget an additional 5 to 10 billion UAH.