The call to filter freedom of speech is voiced is not a random Amateur

Did an experienced journalist, knows exactly what and when to speak

Призыв фильтровать свободу слова озвучил не случайный дилетант

MAN CHANGES THE SKIN.Why are people getting into power, immediately begins to be rude, impudent or stupid, and the others to steal? It would seem that everything should be Vice versa. For example, former journalist of “1+1”, accidentally becoming a MP, a little “cartoonish”, a one-party parliamentary majority “Servants of the people” boldly declares that it seems to me that our country is so strong freedom of speech that her time would have to mute – out of respect for the institution of the presidency to filter. And it’s not random, awkward sayings of the novice member of Parliament, who, not able to hide their thoughts, and the clear message of the experienced former journalist – she knows exactly what and when to speak.I don’t know what is worse for Ukrainian politics since the “satirical era” or “95 quarter” – “servant of the people”, Chairman of a key Committee of Parliament, choosing to itself during a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada of cheap prostitutes on the phone, or a former journalist who requires restriction of freedom of speech.Mind you, she’s not talking about the acute problem of total presence, the Kremlin’s media in the audiovisual landscape of Ukraine is scary and frustrating – it insists on a political need to reduce freedom of speech in conditions of extremely low professional and moral qualities of the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada majority and lack of reliable communication and feedback between the new government and the people of Ukraine.

Viktor Nebozhenko
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