The Canadian: a bad choice of Legault

Le Canadien: un mauvais choix de Legault

Is the prime minister of Québec may cease to make free advertising to the company of the Montreal canadiens?

Or then, if he continues to wear a mask in the likeness of the Canadian, can he at least wear the mask of other teams, such as the Impact and the Alouettes? Can it also do this with other large companies, with universities, with artists, etc?

Because the treatment accorded to the enterprise of the Montreal canadiens is starting to become indecent.

This company offers its customers with a product of very poor quality at expensive prices.

The main reason why the company is still managing to sell its product is that it has free beaches day-to-day in the major media to talk about his product.

A logical understandable

The prime minister will surely encourage the clients of the Montreal Canadiens to wear a mask. It is true that the Montreal canadiens has a fantastic marketing machine, one of the best in the world.

To such an extent that any criticism against the company of the Montreal canadiens is considered to be a kind of betrayal of national by some people.

But he must come back.

At the expense of other companies

The preferential treatment granted to this company is done at the expense of other businesses and institutions, much more healthy and much more representative of the Québec of today.

What are these businesses and institutions to which the prime minister should engage, if it takes as long to take advantage of the marketing association with companies and institutions.

Because the Montreal canadiens, it does not fly high, and it’s expensive. François Legault wants to really associate his government with this picture ?

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