The Canadian cry the son of Brind’amour

The head coach of the Hurricanes of the Caroline, Rod Brind’amour, has told a delightful anecdote about the hostile offer that the Montreal canadiens made it to Sebastian Aho, last summer.

During a videoconference organised by the network, Sportsnet Saturday, the driver explained that he was in the same room as its general manager and its owner when they learned that the player is self-contained with restriction had agreed to sign the five-year contract and $ 42.2 million that the CH had offered him.

“There has never been a doubt, stated who has played 21 seasons in the circuit Bettman. This has made life more easy to our owner, because he was negotiating already a new contract. Now that the contract was signed, he knew now the amount.”

If the panic has not won on the staff of the “Ducks”, it was quite the opposite happened in the house in the Brind’amour.

“My son, who is now eight years old and is the biggest supporter of Oha, shed tears, recalled the coach. He has heard the news and we had to explain to him. I was forced to make a video for Sebastian, where I told him : “this is what thou hast created in my home”.”

Probably very happy to know that Aho was not going to join the training of the Habs, Brind’amour took advantage of the situation to laugh.

“To be honest, there has never really been of stress on our side, he said. It was still funny to see everyone screaming at the betrayal during the small time when people wondered what we were going to do.”

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