The canadian movie theatre to honor Wednesday

Le cinéma canadien à l’honneur mercredi

Several films from quebec and canada will be celebrated on Wednesday at the occasion of the seventh edition of the Day of the canadian cinema event, this year held entirely online due to the pandemic of COVID-19. More than forty feature films are available throughout the day on various platforms and tv channels. Here are five of them to see or review:

Good Cop Bad Cop 2

What better way to celebrate this Day in canadian cinema than a comedy that brings together the two solitudes ? Featuring the excellent tandem of Patrick Huard-Colm Feore, this sequel to the hit comedy of 2006 delivers the goods with its explosive mix of action, humour and strong emotions. Available on Netflix.

The red violin

This magnificent drama of the time of the quebec filmmaker François Girard had won eight Jutra award (including best film) in 1999, in addition to having won the Oscar for best original music in 2000. The film, which starred Samuel L. Jackson, Colm Feore, and Monique Mercure, follows the journey of a violin and its owners over a period of three centuries. Presented at Cinépop Wednesday morning at 10: 15 pm.

The fall of the american empire

One of the canadian filmmakers the world’s most famous (and one of the only people to have won an Oscar), the Quebecois Denys Arcand has made a return with force two years ago by signing this brilliant and delightful comedy police starring Alexandre Landry and By Morin. The film is presented on the airwaves of the chain, Crave this morning at 10: 30.


Chosen last year to represent Canada in the race for the Oscar for best international film, this drama punched the director, québec Sophie Deraspe revisits the Greek tragedy Antigone by adapting the story to the Quebec of today. Efficiency, which is dreadful, the film is carried by the powerful performance of the young actress Nahéma Ricci. Available on video on demand (Illico, Crave).

It was raining birds

Released two months before the death of Andrée Lachapelle, the film is tender and light we will be enabled to enjoy, for one last time the grace and elegance of the great comedian in québec. Performed by Louise Archambault (Gabrielle), this adaptation of the novel by Jocelyne Saucier, was a resounding success at the box-office last fall, with a revenue of over two million dollars. Available on video on demand (Illico, Crave).

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