The Canadian Pacific promises to hire Quebec agreement on construction of the eastern Townships

Le Canadien Pacifique promet d’embaucher des Québécois sur son chantier de l’Estrie

The Canadian Pacific (CP) recedes and now promises to ensure that québec workers will be employed on its construction site in the eastern Townships, learned about The Newspaper.

“This is a victory. The Canadian Pacific (CP) has called on Wednesday, the mayors of the Townships to their promise of recruiting maneuvers in the corner with maps of the Commission de la construction du Québec “, stated Jean-Luc Deveaux, vice-president of the CSN-Construction.

In contrast, the CSN-Construction still believes that the sub-contractor to the West of the CP, Narrow Passage Rail inc., is liable to a fine of $ 35,000 for violating the building Act, since he does not have a license.

Fines still possible

The union also points out that the company is subject to fines under the Act R-20, in particular with respect to wages, non-compliant paid to the workers.

In the beginning of the week, The Newspaper revealed that the sub-contractor of the CP, Narrow Passage Rail inc., property of Remcan, employed workers of the rail elsewhere in the country, according to the CSN-Construction, which had demanded the immediate closure of the site to the Commission de la construction du Québec.

On Wednesday, the mayor of Farnham, Patrick Melchior, said he was disappointed to see that CP, as any other company that originates elsewhere, did not seem to encourage the workers of his region.

The CSN-Construction and the Alliance of the railway corridor in the eastern Townships, Montérégie (ACFEM) always want the PT laying rail from category 4 to improve the transport of passengers in addition to goods.

Discussions with the federal government are ongoing on this subject to pay a part of this work.

On Thursday, the CP has not responded to interview requests from the Journal.

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