The Canadian series!

Le Canadien en séries!

Happy days are back. After the reopening of the golf courses and the permission to receive guests for a BBQ, this is a Canadian qualified for the playoffs.

The NHL players have accepted the scenario proposed by the 31 governors of the circuit Bettman. Scenario that had to obtain the approval of at least 18 of the 31 members who sit on the executive committee of the NHLPA in order to be approved.

The agreement is now being reached, the NHL and the players Association should proceed with the official announcement of the major parameters of the resumption of activities in the course of the next few days.

In those 24 teams, the first 12 of each association, depending on the percentage of points collected at the time of the activities of the league at the break, will be invited to return to the sport.

Thus, the Canadian, 12th the Association of the East, with a record of ,500, gets a pass unhoped for this prom particular year-end.

Particular in the sense that, to take part in the playoffs the regular 16 teams, the training ranked the fifth to the twelfth rank will compete in a qualification round in a formula three of the five. The confrontations of the Association of the East would go as follows :

  • Pittsburgh (5th) c. Montreal (12th)
  • Carolina (6th) c. NY Rangers (11th)
  • NY Islanders (7e) c. Florida (10th)
  • Toronto (8th) c. Columbus (9th)

During this time, four clubs from the head of each association (Boston, Tampa Bay, Washington, Philadelphia, in the eastern part) could be measured to each other in a round robin tournament with the hope of improving their lot.

For the four rounds of “normal”, the traditional formula 4 of 7 will be out in force.

Where and when?

The question of format is now set. It remains to determine where and when this tournament gets underway.

In the beginning of the week, The Newspaper learned that Vegas would be a candidate preferred to present the final association and the Stanley Cup final.

But what will it be for the first two rounds ? As training camps of three weeks provided before the start of hostilities ?

At this level, it seems that what are the different levels of government, both canadian and american, who hold the key to these puzzles.

The cup in October

Of course, the reopening of the borders is a sine qua non for the resumption of activities.

As is the way will evolve the pandemic in different regions of North America.

Other issues also remain outstanding. At what point the NHL will she be able to meet the sanitary criteria that will be required?

For example, it may have adequate material to carry on a daily basis to hundreds of screening tests? What happens if a player is declared positive, the COVID-19? Who will be quarantined?

Despite all these questions, in the scenes of the NHL, there is hope to be able to quickly fill the conditions and to open training camps in mid-July.

If this is the case, Gary Bettman should be able to hand the Stanley cup to the captain of the champion team, somewhere at the beginning of the month of October.

Confrontations in the West

  • Edmonton (5th) c. Chicago (12th)
  • Nashville (6th) c. Arizona (11th)
  • Vancouver (7th) c. Minnesota (10th)
  • Calgary (8th) c., Winnipeg (9th)

St-Louis (1), Colorado (2nd), Vegas (3rd) and Dallas (4th) will be the cost of the round-robin tournament of the Association of the West.

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