The capital hosted the charity Vienna ball



In Moscow, a charity Vienna ball. This year it is dedicated to the theater. His ability to smoothly move in the dance was demonstrated to thousands of visitors and 120 debutants. On the floor of Gostiny Dvor they first performed a traditional “Midnight quadrille”. The invitation to the ball received and the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Kristina Mesecina.

Debutants selected on a competitive basis. For them a journey into the past starts in six months. In the end, out of thousands of applicants Ballet Committee selects only 120 pairs.

Girls choose for essay that they were supposed to email the Vienna ball. After that is an interview, assesses the education, the ability to dance, beauty, General knowledge.

The only thing that the newcomer may not be able to, oddly enough, is to dance. This will teach. For the three months couples learn the six directions.

“They teach the Foxtrot, Rumba, cha-Chu, Jive. We have not had failures, anyone who doesn’t have learned to dance,” – said the Deputy Director of the company “Vienna ball” Natalia Dmitrieva.

For beginners is also a strict dress code. Black suit, white shirt and tie for boys. White ball gowns, shoes, gloves above the elbow and be sure to formal hairstyles for girls.

“The dress code came from since the days of Catherine, when Russia was balls. Usually debutantes-girls age 16-23, presented to the society,” said co-chair of the ball Committee Galina Fomina.

To the accompaniment of “Russian Philharmonic” couples go out. First dance – polka. Then the waltz. And only after the phrase “Waltz all” to the newcomers join more than two thousand guests.