The CAQ has “the impression that they have killed the PQ,” said Harold Lebel

La CAQ a «l’impression qu’ils ont tué le PQ», dit Harold Lebel

The mp of the Parti québécois (PQ) Harold Lebel said Wednesday, the tone contemptuous, François Legault, to the place of its head, Pascal Bérubé, the day after a period of questions surging in the national Assembly.

“They have the impression that they have killed the PQ”, he said in a moving plea to the defense of his leader, who has slammed the door of the blue Room on Tuesday after it qualified of “shabby” behaviour of the prime minister.

This last, obviously irritated, had previously accused of wanting to “kill the tourist” in Bas-Saint-Laurent.

During the question period, Pascal Bérubé had set fire to the powder by questioning the scientific basis of certain decisions taken by the government, including the déconfinement of its region, the Bas-Saint-Laurent.

“It was a very honest, which was very well raised, which deserved a proper response, not a response like we did yesterday, where we were looked at from the top,” said Harold Lebel in characterising the response of François Legault of the “cheap shot”.

According to him, this is not the first time that François Legault, a former minister in the parti québécois, takes this tone to answer the questions asked by the PQ.

“They [Coalition avenir Québec] have the impression that they have killed the Parti québécois, and they want to kill him until the end, then this is not true. We have not been killed, then it is there and then we will do our job”, he analyzed.

“We will have a new leader. It was congress who are on the way. One of the activists. […] We are people of conviction and then we will continue to fight,” he later said.

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