The CAQ wants a BAPE independent of the government

Photo: Jacques Boissinot The canadian Press
The “credibility” of the Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE) is crumbling, worries about the Coalition avenir Québec.

The “credibility” of the Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE) is crumbling, worries about the Coalition avenir Québec. The order situation in all members of the public body to be designated by at least two-thirds of the national Assembly, supports the member of parliament for Masson, Mathieu Lemay. It will introduce a bill to the national Assembly this week, learned The Duty.


The CAQ will call the new minister of the Environment, Isabelle Melançon, to model the mode of appointment of the members of the BAPE on one of the members of the Commission access to information, the Commission of human rights and the rights of the youth and the public service Commission, according to an “internal note” two pages obtained by The Duty.


“Quebecers should be able to rely on a neutral, competent and fully independent “, to support the spokesman of the second opposition group in the field of environment, Mathieu Lemay. He supported, until today, the idea to submit only the nomination of the president and the vice-president of the BAPE in a two-thirds vote of the national Assembly.


His bill could hit the wall of indifference of the elected liberals. They have rejected, on the 26th of September last, a motion filed by the CAQ, supported by the Parti québécois and Québec solidaire, to the effect that “the national Assembly ratifies the appointment of the president of the BAPE by a vote of two-thirds of its members,” and ” that it requires that the recruitment of all members of the BUREAU, including its officers, comes to a selection committee the majority of whose members must be independent of the government “.


In a decree published on 13 September last, the government Couillard has entrusted the selection of the candidates ” fit “to serve on the BAPE to a committee of three members, two of which are” from the government “. The ex-minister of the Environment, David Heurtel, makes a mockery of the opinion of BAPE, who had urged him to defer to a committee comprised of the president of the BAPE, a representative of the public appointed by the latter as well as a retiree of the public administration.


Environmental groups are urging the liberal government to institute a process “transparent” and impervious to any ” political interference “, so far in vain.


“Since his swearing-in, Isabelle Melançon impresses little. To prove that it is not simply a machine to produce hollow phrases. Isabelle Melançon is not obliged to walk in the footsteps of David Heurtel “, one can read in the document of work of the CAQ, under the heading ” argument expected “, fell into the hands of the Duty.

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