The car fell off the bridge into the river near Yekaterinburg, killed five

Автомобиль упал с моста в реку под Екатеринбургом, погибли пятеро

Five people died as a result of falling car from a bridge into a river in the Sverdlovsk region, reports TASS with reference to the STSI in Russia.

The incident occurred in the village of Koptevo at 20:35 local time. Driving a domestic sedan was a man born in 1982. For unknown reasons, he abruptly turned the wheel to the right when the car went over the bridge.

As a result, the car fell off in the floodplain of the river Dir. All the people inside died, including the driver and a child born in 2005.

It became known earlier about the collision of a truck and a minibus in Nur-Sultan. Injured at least 11 people, two of them were hospitalized.