the car smelled of cannabis

    the car smelled of cannabis

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    A young man was arrested and nearly a kilo of cannabis seized, this Monday afternoon in Villeurbanne, following surveillance. Earlier in the day, police spotted a parked car on rue du 8 mai 1945, which smelled strongly of cannabis.

    A monitoring system in place

    The GSP (local security group) set up a system which made it possible to arrest around 3.30 p.m. a 20-year-old Villeurbanne, who had just gotten into the car.

    A beautiful discovery panoply

    This young man, unfavorably known to the police, was arrested, in possession of 2,725 euros in cash. The search of the car uncovered 768g of cannabis resin, 230g of weed, an electronic scale and conditioning bags.

    He denied any involvement in drug trafficking

    In custody, the suspect explained that he was responsible for moving the car on behalf of a third party, whose name he has not known, with whom he had contracted a debt. He denied any involvement in drug trafficking during his hearing by investigators from the GLSES (group for the fight against drugs and the underground economy). He was presented on Wednesday to the prosecution for a judgment in immediate appearance.

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