The Carabins back to training

Les Carabins de retour à l’entraînement

After more than three months of waiting, the Carabins of the Université de Montréal have finally been able to find on the grounds of CEPSUM, Monday.

They were obviously not the whole team and the training was not conventional, but the fun was at the rendez-vous.

“It’s been three months that we had seen. It has done me good, ” said offensive lineman Pier-Oliver Lestage, who was the first workout in 8 h. It was still special, because we didn’t know too much about how to interact. Usually, we greet we shake hands or we are taking them in our arms. We didn’t have the right to do that, but all the same it was pleasant.”

Before being able to submit their helmets and their shoulder pads, the players of the Blues had to submit to a talk given by Patrick Gendron, one of the physiotherapists of the team.

“We had to pass a training with Pat before you can go out on the field. We were introduced to the procedure to follow and we had to fill documents in connection with the risks and the things that we’ve done in the last two weeks,” explained the half defensive Shawn Butcher.

“We each had our own lines, there has been no contact and I found that everything was very well organized”, he continued.

Not inactive

Speaking of organization, the coaches of the Carabins are assured that their student-athletes do not remain inactive during the confinement.

“The first couple of weeks, Pierre-Mary [all saints], our physical trainer, sent us a program that he had to follow four times a week, said Ballast. There may be guys who had more difficulty with motivation, and therefore they have established sessions Zoom to that we trained as a group.”

“We did 12 sessions Zoom per week and we ask them to take part in a minimum of four games, said head coach Marco Iadeluca. For the return to the CEPSUM, we’re going to do eight training sessions and the guys have to be there a minimum of three times. We hours of morning and the end of the day.”

Players happy

The initiative to organize workouts on the platform of Zoom was really appreciated by the athletes Iadeluca.

“The coaches really do a good job for us frame, said Ballast. It must be difficult for them to make meetings on Zoom instead to be true with a table and all the trimmings. Keep the guys motivated, it is complex, but they do it very well. I take my hat off.”

When it was put to the fragrance of the compliment, the coach of the Blues was well pleased that his efforts were appreciated.

“I’m glad to hear he thinks that. We tried to see the guys as much as possible, is four or five times per week. I am happy to know that they liked it.”

Good for young people

If they have been beneficial for the motivation, dating, Zoom have some gaps, particularly for players who begin their academic career.

“Currently, the players of first year can finally see how the veterans are working, and what is the way to make a Carabin, that is to say that we do coupons ever the corners. On Zoom, it is a little more difficult to do that”, stated Iadeluca.

Now, the coach of the Blues looks on a new challenge, that of building up a team spirit strong.

“For team spirit, it is sure that this will be a bit longer this year. Normally, guys are at school and the gym together. We have not had that this year. We will find ways of bringing the team together and make group activities more frequently.”

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